Workshops with Mareike Franz

Physical training and coaching

Workshops and classes for professionals and semi-professionals


discovery of body dynamics,
centering, identification,

rejoice in movement and physical expression,

coaching of individual creation

Workshops for mime and acting students

Workshop at the International School of Mime Étienne Decroux Paris

Workshop for the students of the International School of Corporal Mime Étienne Decroux in Paris in winter 2017 and 2019.

Mareike joined the jury of the annual mime examen in spring 2019 -  a request of the students.

Workshop at the National School of Drama in Delhi, India

8 weeks workshop series for acting students and dancers at the National School of Drama, Shiv Nadar University, Jamia Milia Islamia University, Shri Ram Centre of Performing Arts and at Rashtriya Military School in India, 2015/2016.

It has been Mareike´s most intense teaching experience so far.

Workshops for children, teenagers and adults

2011-2020, Mareike Franz collaborated with "Kunstwelten", a project of the Academy of the Arts in Berlin, Germany, to support the creative potential of young people. Mareike taught dance classes at different schools in Germany, for primary school pupils, teenagers, disabled children and refugees. 

She has also teaching experiences for choir, seniors over 70 years and very small children of 3 years old.

Experiencing all these different people in the classroom has changed Mareike's point of view as a dancer and nourishes her needs to be a creating artist.

photos: Amelie Losier, Anja Krämer, Denise Baumeister, AdK Berlin