Clown Workshop

The Non-Verbal Clown with Camilo clown and Mareike Franz

a 5 days Clown workshop
at the Chateau d´Espeyran in Saint-Gilles, France,
October 2021

"What we offer is a journey to discover the clown through the body, movement, dance, slapstick, all without words, pure visual comedy ... 

...the clown and his story, so beautiful, rich, unique and in constant evolution...

...because the public laughs, gets excited, dreams, cries with the clowns...we will try to discover it together: 

Play, get involved, remove the limits and obstacles that daily life imposes on us. The clown can do it!

Let's focus our point of view on the pure clown, our clowns, and how this character has changed forever, and for the better, our lives..." - Camilo clown 

This laboratory is aimed at clowns, actors, dancers, teachers, 

who want to deepen their clown and human presence in front of an audience.